How To Get The Most From Your Purchase

Posted by Dylon Perpignac Mauge on

To get the most from your purchase spend at least $300. The reason is that whether you spend $30 or $300, we incur a cost to deliver your items. If you spend $30 (or any amount below $300) you incur the cost. Whereas when you spend more than $300, we do! So you get the most product for your money!

There are even more ways to save. When you spend over $500 you get 10% off storewide. This is in addition to free delivery! So tell your friends; share a basket with your co-workers, you will get the most value and we will benefit from longevity!

Here's a challenge!

Find a product that we're selling in another store and compare both prices. We're likely similarly priced to the best/most affordable in the industry and it's not because of any loopholes. We believe that you have to give to get so we offer great pricing and our stock moves quickly because of it! 

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